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We add intelligence

to legacy cameras


Face Recognition

Voluntary or in the wild


Increase your revenues


Loss Prevention

Detection and Alerting about suspicious theft scenarios


Business Intelligence


Quality improvement for assisted living

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Alert on safety procedures violations



Tell us what you want to get from your cameras

Woman at Work


Face Recognition

With a single command, the entire system will be installed on your computer. All the information will remain in your network

Full Saas

Connect your surveillance camera directly to the cloud, no additional hardware is needed


The video analysis of the camera streams is performed on-prem, while the web-interface is in the cloud, available from anywhere and at anytime


Run the system on an Android device, with video analysis and identifications performed on the device video feed with real-time results available on the device screen and on the web interface in the cloud

SpotReality specializes in video analysis and faces recognition using artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide customized solutions.

SpotReality solutions are specially built to address unique customers' needs, like shops, retirement homes, construction sites, etc.

SpotReality solutions connect to legacy surveillance cameras/equipment and generate analytics/insights in real-time, including sending alerts to mobile devices.

SpotReality solutions can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or using a hybrid model.

The company was established in 2019.

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